Healing comes in waves. I have learnt that some of them crash at the rocks and some of them slowly ebb away at the rocks, so slightly that you don’t even notice until it has affected the landscape enough that you struggle to take your once daily walk. But I have also learnt that is what recovery is. Some days it will hit me all at once and some days it has been building up for weeks. Slowly eating away at me until I crack and implode, making it hard to keep going as I have been. But as someone wise once said, rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.


I let myself rebuild whenever I need to, whenever I want to because I will stay victorious. I will never let someone monopolize my emotions again and I will always fight to be the person that my daughter needs as she grows up. So sweetheart if you are planning on trying to ruin me by coming back into my life, just you try. If I can tame the demons that once ran free in my mind I can certainly close the door on you.
I’m writing a new chapter, and you aren’t any part of it.


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