Choosing me

Someone pointed something out to me that resonated a little more than most of the advice I get. He told me that I survived the last time, I survived then and the only thing stopping me from surviving this time is myself. Because I have already told myself that I can’t, because I have already turned to the bottle for an answer rather than looking at myself. Not anymore. I am not giving the key to my happiness to someone who would set me on fire and then ask me why I’m burning.


He put me through hell, I called it love. I have enough respect for myself to know that I deserve better than that. To know that I deserve someone who won’t break their promises, someone who won’t hide their feelings from me, who won’t put on a front to save face. It may take me longer to get over it this time; but at least I know that this is the last time that I will ever have to get over him.
I am choosing me.

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