Morning Love

He traces the curves of my back lightly with his hands. Rubbing it soothingly as I pretend I am sleeping. Waking up next to this man makes mornings so much more bearable. I breathe deeply as I nestle into his arms feeling safe; feeling secure. He wraps his arm around my waist holding me closer.

“Morning.” I whisper my voice still hoarse from the night before. He chuckles before kissing my cheek

“Sleep well?” He asks. He fingers lightly smoothing my hair from my face. I smile.

“Of course I did.” I know that he won’t understand that I sleep well when I am with him so there is no point in explaining it.


I relax as I let him lightly touch my skin. There are some thoughts you can’t avoid and some feelings you can’t deny. The feelings i have for this man and the thoughts that go with them are exactly that. I let my breathing slow as I pretend once again to sleep, so I can be at peace with the thoughts in the back of my mind telling me that I love him.


How am I meant to explain it to him? I want to be with him, it is as simple and complicated as that.


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