The wrong boy

It’s late and I don’t really know where my head is at. I know I should have stopped drinking hours ago but I was having too much of a good time to turn down the shots. Everyone is still talking around me. I have a sip of wine, finishing the glass before standing up.

“I am fucking tired, I’m going to bed.” I exclaim as I walk towards my room waving my goodbyes at everyone. I get in my room and strip myself off before climbing into bed and fall asleep exhausted.

I stir, hearing the door creak I roll over and crack my eyes open as much as I can handle to see Cameron making his way into my room.

“Hey, can I sleep here too?” He whispers to me.

I give some form or a grunt in reply which he takes as a yes, hopping into bed with me. I roll over again in an attempt to go back to sleep. He has other ideas though. He leans over and kisses me, holding my face and pulling me out of my dazed sleepy state. I kiss him back as he climbs on top of me. I start pulling his clothes off in a desperate attempt to get him inside me.

His kisses me while he tries to line himself up, drunk wet kisses. I can feel myself sobering up, that could be because I have no idea what time it is, how long I have slept for already or because he is too drunk to realize where he is trying to put his penis. I inwardly roll my eyes as he kisses down my neck before pushing him onto his back and rolling over so I am straddling his waist.

I sink myself down onto his cock, taking it in one go. We both moan. I start riding him as I brace myself on the wall for balance. He grips my hips and forces himself deeper inside me causing me to moan, I can’t help how wet I am right now. Cameron seems to have sobered up as well. He pushes me off him before lining himself up in missionary position and sliding back into me. He picks up the pace before pushing my legs up onto his shoulders. I can feel myself getting close.

I reach down and start rubbing my clit moaning as he slams his cock into me as hard as he can. I tense feeling my orgasm wash over me before he pulls his cock out. He grips it stroking himself off before letting ropes of cum spurt over my stomach.

I pull my underwear up over the cum before rolling over and closing my eyes. Right before I fall asleep I think of him, the boy that I can’t seem to get out of my head but I can’t get into my heart and I feel regret. I never should have slept with Cameron.

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