Memory. There are certain things that you will remember for the rest of your life even if you can barely remember what you had for breakfast and then there are the things that you never thought you would forget. The face of a person you use to be friends with, a lovers touch, the gut wrenching pain of heartbreak. The memories fade away and we are powerless to stop it. So we make new memories in an effort to take the place of the old ones. But there are still the times when you think back to the flickers of those times that you can recall and try your hardest to remember them anyway.

We are only human and letting go can be the hardest thing that we force ourselves to do. Particularly if you aren’t quite ready to let go yet. And the new memories will never completely take the place of the old. So we stay, stuck with a hole in the mind that cannot be filled and hope that one day we forget all together.

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