The boy who treats me like shit

I keep talking, ignoring the fact that his hand is on my leg, lightly stroking further up it. The taxi driver hasn’t noticed. It’s three in the morning there is no doubt that he will just want to get home, I ignore the better part of my judgement telling me that bringing him home isn’t a good idea and I focus instead on keeping the conversation going. We pull up a few minutes later, finally home.

I take my shoes off as soon as I get in my room. Tired and drunk I start changing into a shirt to sleep it. I pretend not to notice him watching, taking in my body. He starts undressing, we don’t talk while we get into bed. My heart beats faster as he once again places his hand on my leg. I start talking again, nervously spluttering whatever comes to mind. He leans over while I am mid sentence and kisses me lightly. He pulls away, looking for my reaction. For a second I don’t give him one. But then I lean in and kiss him again, harder this time. He takes the opportunity to slide his hand under my panties while he kisses me and feel how wet I am. I run my hand down before I feel his hard cock straining in his underwear.

I pull them down and start stroking him off as he dips his fingers lower, causing me to gasp. He rolls over so he is on top of me, sliding my panties down my legs and lining himself up with me. He slides in causing us both to sigh as he fucks me hard. I move his hand until it is around me throat, feeling as he cuts of my breath.

“Oh fuck it feels so good!” He moans picking up his pace as I feel myself starting to cum. He pulls out before sliding a finger into me instead to finish me off.

I buck onto his hand as he finger fucks me, loosing complete control as the orgasm takes over. He runs his thumb over my clit as I shudder, a smirk appearing on his face.

“Get on top.” He orders as he lays on his back.

I oblige sliding my wet pussy onto him as I start to ride him. He starts pulling at my shirt, tearing it open at the front.

“Just take it off.” He growls. I lean back and pull it over my head, allowing him full access to my body and breaking the last of my rules.

He takes my nipple into his mouth as he grips onto my hips and starts slamming me down on his cock mercilessly. My orgasms come one on top of the other. He pushes me off and once again slams his fingers into my pussy until I can barely handle it anymore.

“Get on your knees.” He orders.

I wait again as he slowly pushes himself inside me in one swift movement. I grip the sheets as he fucks me. I can feel him slide the tip of his thumb into my ass, I tense my pussy and sigh feeling so incredibly full.

“Ugh I’m going to cum!” He yells as he pulls out and starts stroking himself off.

I turn over and open my mouth just in time to catch his load. We stay that way for awhile breathing heavily to recover before  we both roll over and go to sleep.

I don’t know what it is about him that I like so much. I know that I shouldn’t feel anything for him. I should hate him for how he treats me. But I can’t hate him, I just keep going back for more. We accept the love we think we deserve. Or in this case the lack of any feelings whatsoever,

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