1. the quality of being clear, in particular:
    • the quality of being coherent and intelligible.

To see something clearly or gain understanding. I am looking at all that I have achieved in the past year and I have now realized that it is okay to fall down like I have. I changed my whole life and I didn’t give myself the chance to think about how it might effect me in the long run, or even the chance to process what I had gone through. I have realized that I made too many changes at once and it was too much for me to handle; I am only human after all.

It is an interesting thing clarity. Once you see the mistakes that you have made what do you do with that? Our lives are built on our mistakes just as much as our success is. Our mistakes build us as much as they break us. As painful as it is, we all have our shortfalls and our strength comes in admitting them.

I am not as strong as I would like to be, but I can work on that and next time I will be stronger. I was taught when I was younger to not let others see my shortfalls, that it was a sign of weakness. Growing up taught me that admitting you can’t be everything makes you more of a person not less of one.

In twelve months I have fallen more times than I can count, I have fought more battles than I thought possible and I have lost so much of myself that some days when I wake up I am surprised that there is anything left to give. That’s the thing about clarity though, I can see where I went wrong and what is needed to make me whole again. I have loved and lost and I have loved and gained; the trick is though, knowing how to balance after the fallout.

If someone asked me now what I had learnt in the past year it’s easy; clarity.

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