The boy that I cheated with (Short Version)

He hands me a glass of water as he looks at me with concern.

“I’m sorry,” I say taking a small sip “I don’t normally drink this much, it’s just been a really fucked up day.”

“Don’t worry about it,” He smiles as he puts his hand on the small of my back. I look up at him, I feel bad for what I am about to do but I don’t question it. I stand up and kiss him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“What about Kev?” He asks, I shrug my shoulders.

“What about him?” He uses this as his invitation to pick me up, still kissing me and carry me into the bedroom across the hall.

He leans me against the wall, his hands feeling my body. He falls back onto the bed taking me with him. I pull his shirt up, he slides his hand under my dress. I know that I am crossing into dangerous territory but as he slides his hand under my panties I give in to my lack of morals. I reach underneath me and undo his pants, pulling them down. His cock rubs against my panties, I push them aside and slide onto him, taking him all in one go.

And I let go of my hate for Kev and I replace it with hatred for myself. Doing something that I had always refused to do; but I do it anyway, just another way that I am loosing myself.

POST NOTE: I am still finding this one difficult to write, mostly because I don’t remember a hell of a lot from that night but also because I am still upset that I did it.

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