The boy I unfortunately like

Just as a little pre note – This is about the boy that I have been struggling to write about because I have feelings for him but we are all in need of a Christmas treat so this is my one for all of my lovely followers! Letting you in to the most personal part of me at the moment, my little crush on a boy that I met. I did not plan to like him, it just kind of happened but now I have to face the consequences – If you have any tips about what to do with my crush please leave a comment, any help is appreciated!

I pull him onto the bed with me as he kisses down my neck. His hand grips my leg and wraps it around his waist so he can rub himself against me. I moan as his lips brush past my ear. He lowers himself kissing down my stomach until he reaches my legs; he gently kisses them until he reaches my sheer black panties, he slides his fingers under the waist band as he slides them down my legs. He gently slides my legs apart before kissing his way back up to the folds of my wetness. He circles his way around my clit, causing me to grip the sheets in anticipation. I sigh as my body gives in, my legs quiver.

He pulls away and moves up to kiss me instead, letting me taste myself on his lips. I reach over and unbuckle his pants, pulling them down so I can stroke his throbbing shaft. He tenses, letting out a low moan. He kisses me again, lightly biting my bottom lip. I pull him closer until his thick member is rubbing against my slick pussy. He pushes his hips forward until he is buried in me, causing both of us to moan. He fucks me slowly at first letting my body feel everything that he is doing before he picks up the pace, gripping my shoulder to give his the leverage to fuck me hard. He leans down to whisper in my ear,

“Get on your knees.” I oblige and I wait for him as he strokes his fingertips down the back of my legs causing me to shiver. He lines himself up behind me before pushing himself and fucking me. He grips my waist as he fucks me senseless, I feel like I am loosing control of myself and I cant help it. He wraps a hand around my neck, cutting off the air supply and I orgasm, my legs shaking. He pulls out giving himself a moment to recover, breathing raggedly. I turn around and push him onto his back on the bed before taking his cock in my mouth and sucking it. He tenses his body as I slide him deeper down my throat. His hand hold the back of my head there, almost worried that I am going to pull away. I smile as I let my tongue dip a little lower.

He tenses and lets go cumming in my mouth. I pull away as he lays there panting. I lay in his arms as we both breathe heavily, covered in sweat. He pulls my face up to look at him before he kisses my forehead. I close my eyes for a moment, letting my mind take this in.


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