Fake Friends

Friends are a funny thing. We choose people and just decide that they are safe and then you tell them your secrets and things that you wont admit to anyone else. We choose to trust these people and tell them things and nine out of ten of them stab us in the back. So what do we do with the nine out of ten? We either shut them out or we pretend that it didn’t happen and we don’t mention it again. So now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place because someone that I had once considered my friend stabbed me in the back and then they twisted the knife and I ignored it and pretended it didn’t happen. And now they know; they know that I know but they don’t know that I know that they know. So I can ignore it and play dumb or I can finally pull them up for the shit that they have done and get it out in the open.

So what do I do? Do I let them know that I can’t stand them as a person or do I just leave it.

One thought on “Fake Friends

  1. Dear if this one is too close to deserve forgiveness then just simply tell him/her the horrible thing he done and said i forgive you so in that way he would be feel shame and make you a bigger person..!!


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