Rules For Disengagement

People often laugh when I tell them that I have rules when it comes to sex. But when it comes to fucking people I want it to be as easy as possible and not get messy. I have done messy and I can’t be fucked with that again. So I have rules:

1. I don’t get naked. This is probably my most important. Now obviously you cant have sex with clothes on but I don’t get completely naked because for me nakedness is a form of intimacy which I can’t handle. When someone is kissing their way down your body you can’t help but feel closer to them.

2. I don’t go on dates. I have no issue with getting a meal with someone or hanging out with them at my house but I don’t do the thing where they pick you up and take you somewhere nice so you can exchange small talk.

3. I don’t meet their family and they don’t meet mine. There are exceptions to this rule however – I have a tenancy to sleep with my friends and they normally already know my family. But if I have just met them then they don’t meet my family.

Three rules to keep my heart safe. And I guess it keeps them safe too. So that is it, my rules for disengagement.

3 thoughts on “Rules For Disengagement

    • I find that it keeps me distant from people which is what I like. I am not looking to get feelings for anyone because I have too many issues to sort out before I include a boyfriend into the mix. So I take off the bare minimum and then keep the rest on – hopefully that makes sense haha!


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