My Drunk Weekend – Part 2 (Sort of)

I haven’t yet decided if I am ready to write this one but here is a little teaser before I write the whole post:

I watch as he talks to me and I can’t help but think that he is a nice guy. A straight up decent human being who actually wants to get to know me and not just fuck me and forget me. The thought of that scares me to death because I don’t want to grow an attachment to someone who I can’t be with. His finger tips lightly stroke up my leg as he tells me about his life. I can feel his hand go a little higher, I hold my breath just listening as he keeps talking. He stops talking as he leads his hand up to my face, holding it there before leaning in and kissing me softly on my lips. He goes to pull away, unsure if he moved too fast but I pull him back kissing him.

To be continued…

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