Bucket List – Things to do before I die (Part 1)

I have never really written a bucket list before but I know that I have a lot of things that I want to try before I kick the bucket! So here goes:

1. Come out as a Bi-Sexual to my family. I know that all of my friends know but one day, just one day I will be strong enough to let my family know!

2. Have a fivesome. I don’t really know if it is even called a fivesome or if it just crosses into straight up orgy category but I want to find out!

3. Travel. Obviously everyone wants to travel and do crazy shit with their friends but I want to travel alone. I just want to take my computer and blog the whole fricking time and meet some crazy cool people.

4. Write a memoir. All about me and my life, I will get to a point in my life when I have been through enough shit to do it and then I will just take a year off work and get it all of paper for everyone to read.

5. Fall in love with someone that is totally right for me. I don’t even care if it lasts forever I just want to know that I have a perfect match out there somewhere.

6. Have sex with more girls! Girls are so good in the sack so I don’t know why I don’t have sex with them more – I am slightly disappointed that I even have to include this in my list to be honest.

7. Own my own business. I love working under a boss (When it isn’t the dick that I have now) but one day I want to step out on my own and have an awesome business!

8. Work out what I actually want to do with my life. This could take some time. Actually this one is pointless I will never know what I want to do with my life.

9. Re-Learn how to play the piano! As in actually remembering how to read music and play something that sounds like a song.

10. Have sex with someone twice my age. I really need to get on with this before I have to find someone ridiculously old and feral.

11. Read the Bible. I am not a religious person but I really want to see what the big palava about religion is about (Hello atheists!)

12. Go a week with absolutely no communication (IE. Phone, Internet, Cell) and just drive to a friends house if I want to see them or spend time by myself.

13. Work in a bar. This is an old dream! I have always wanted to do bar work *Sigh* children do not agree with bar work hours.

14. Get married. Like in Vegas and not officially because fuck that but a big fake wedding hosted by Elvis would be amazing! (Closest I will ever get to actually being married)

15. Go cliff diving. I have a fear of heights and deep water and anything that is fish like (Yes, even you seaweed) so it will pretty much be my worst fears all in one. Oh, did I mention free falling also scares the living shit out of me?

16. Get a pet that I actually like, I am not a big animal person, I can handle them in small doses but Jesus they need a lot of attention, But still I want a pet that is not a gold fish or a cat.

So that is all for now. I am sure that I will think of more things to add as time goes on. I shall have a juicy blog for you all on Saturday/Sunday (Depending on which part of the world you are from) I am having a very messy house warming party on Friday so I am sure that something worth blogging about will happen!


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