Why I am so FUCKED off!

I had the worst day ever. Like to the point that I nearly walked out of my job. I love my boss, he is great but even he cant make it any better. I feel so unappreciated and that I can handle but I will not be penalized because I am human and I am having a bad week. I am good at my job; actually I am fucking great at my job but still I get shat on because the director is a major CUNT. So this is my rant for the night because I am drinking, thank you alcoholism for kicking in I will hate you in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Why I am so FUCKED off!

  1. Sadly enough, I have been here on one too many occasions. All you can do is let this day go and hope for a better sunrise tomorrow.
    I hope it gets better for you. 🙂


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