The boy who requested I write about him

He lays across my bed with his pants still down looking pretty impressed with himself.

“I don’t even understand how you did that, you are like twelve.” I breathe. He rolls his eyes – his seventeen-year-old eyes.

“Sandra probably heard that.” He laughs. I think back over what has just happened.

He looks me in the eye as he pins my wrists above my head, kissing my neck; sucking at the flesh. I moan in return, it’s my weakness.

“Like I said, what if I just ripped of your panties and fucked off you?” He smiles as I wriggle underneath him, as he pulls my panties down with a laugh.

He feels how wet I am before sticking a finger inside of me. I can’t help how turned on I am right now. He slowly fucks me with his finger while I writhe under him. Even if I wanted to stop him my body wouldn’t let me. He grips my hair tightly giving him full access to my neck, adding love bites over the top of yesterdays. He knows exactly where to touch me to get what he wants in return, I can feel myself getting closer. He adds another finger, getting me in all the right places. I can’t help but think, for this boys age he has talent.

I sigh my body taking over, cumming, I feel bad letting him go without anything so I get up and pull his shorts down, and start to suck his cock. He moans before pulling away so he can lie down. I wrap my lips around his cock again and continue to fuck him with my mouth. He keeps touching my pussy keeping me on edge while I get him off.

I can tell when he is getting close and I suck harder, he holds my head in place before cumming in my mouth,

He made me feel like I was alive for the first time in a while, I felt like I was completely out of control which is exactly what I needed.

To the master himself: Thank you – because at some stage you will see this. Yeah it is shorter than usual but sweetie I already feel awkward about you reading this!! Now you owe me in a lot of sexual pleasure haha!


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