An open letter to someone I cared for

To the one that I cared for,

I am letting you go. I know that you have already forgotten about me but I am finally ready to move on without you in my life. I wish that things didn’t end with you like they did but I guess that was up to you. I tried to make things right and I guess I just couldn’t so this is it. We have had some amazing times and we were there for each other through a lot so I guess it has taken me longer to let go then you would have liked. But I am ready now. It takes a while to realize that the person you thought would be there through anything is gone and wont be coming back; and for what? A misunderstanding?

I am past the anger of how you treated me and past the looks you would give me like I had done something awful. I don’t feel the anger anymore. Instead I choose to remember the good things about you. Like the time that you drive me to the hospital or the time you picked me up and let me stay with you for a month when I had no where else to go.

You were my best friend when I needed you and you picked up the pieces of my life on multiple occasions; and I know that I did the same for you. Maybe one day you will call and then things can go back to the way that they were but I doubt it. You were always more stubborn then I am.

So this is it.

I am letting go.

Love Me x


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