My heart is singing

I got a call from my dad today. I was surprised when I heard his voice. I thought that he would have taken the same stance as my mother and stopped talking to me. Then it his me that mum hasn’t told him. She hasn’t told him what she did to me otherwise he would never have called. He asks the usual questions, how my daughter is, how my job is going, the usual bull shit that we can talk about without arguing. And then I decide to tell him; I tell him about the fact that I am going back to study and getting my certificate in Business Management. I will be the first one of his kids to actually do any study. And for the first time in over three years he actually sounded proud of me; and it made my heart sing just a little bit.

So I guess I am a bit happier today, because I made my father proud. And even though I can’t even think about my mother without feeling like I am going to have a breakdown I have one parent who is happy with me.

And my heart sings.


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